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Hentai Rape - Anime Rape - Rape Comics. Fantasy Rape Porn.

The best fantasy hentai rape is in the mind. Bad Tales brings you stories of rape, torture, abduction, forced sex fantasy and you can play it out in your mind with the faces and bodies of anyone you would like.

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February 17 2009
Posted by incesta  [ 14:51 ]
Bad Tales
Jane was drinking her cocktail in the bar... and she was not in a mood to date that young strong man. She was just going to get home... and couldn't even think that this evening could end so bad for her. But it could! She was abducted, chained and painfully tortured. She cried for help, but nobody helped her. She had got her fresh pink pussy cruelly fucked! And you have got horny as a hell looking at these pictures? We gathered the best collection of cruel tales inside our site.
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December 06 2008
Posted by incesta  [ 03:29 ]
Comics Rape Porn
This is the only site featuring ALL the works of legendary porn artist GARY ROBERTS, completely with his permission! Gary is the KING. The sickest. The granddaddy of rape fantasy comics and if you aren't familiar with his work, you will soon discover why he is as revered as he is.
There are hundreds of animations within. cartoons that are so sick and violent that you will not believe your eyes. Gary is no longer a public figure, and once you see what he has come up with, you will understand why! Not only is regular rape and domination featured, but Gary pushes things to a whole new level of abuse. Girls bleed, scream, cry and are shown no mercy. Not only are the drawings incredible, but also included is the text of the fantasies, as comics and also as full stories where Gary lays out every detail in its full graphic glory.
As if that was not enough, you also get his collection of sci-fi extreme porn, where women are fucked by aliens, strange creatures and more. Plus there is also a bonus section of non-animation violent porn. Rape videos and photos featuring live people rather than Gary's art. There is no site like this on the web that I have discovered yet. VIOLENTCOMIX is truly unique and a great resource!
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Posted by incesta  [ 03:27 ]
Anime Rape Porn
The darkest fantasies, the TRULY darkest fantasies, can never be achieved without someone going to prison, or HELL. Until now. In Anime, anything is possible, We guarantee you will be shocked by what you see in VIOLENT ANIME. Not only has the VIOLENT ANIME team scoured the world for the most extreme content, but the ace team churns out new images and cartoons constantly. Finally, every single fantasy can be brought to life...
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Posted by incesta  [ 03:16 ]
Hentai Rape Porn
The darkest fantasies can form in the mind, and sometimes that is the only place they can exist. Some desires are so twisted, so frightening, to share them with the world would be to doom oneself to being an outsider... an individual that others fear. Well, that need be the case no longer! BAD TALES features the most frightening, extreme, sick and insane sexual fantasies ever imagined, written in full detail, and illustrated beautifully. If you like stories... if the fantasies in your mind are never matched by the videos and photos you see, BAD TALES is the place for you to share those fantasies and read the fantasies of others. Every perversion, every cruelty you can think of is brought to life. The Marqis DeSade's writings pale in comparison to the viciousness that awaits you within. Hentai Rape, torture, gay sex, gang bangs, bestiality, violence, pain, pleasure... every vice in every form is laid out in detail at BAD TALES.

Hot Hentai Rape Porn Best Extreme Videos online. Cartoon Incest Rape Sex In Family Porn.
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